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Whether you're just rendering document content, or you're interacting with rich interactive content, HTML happens to be one of the most common document formats to display or interact with and it makes a wonderful addition to conventional forms based UI.

Even in desktop applications, is often way easier than using labels or edit boxes or even some of the WPF text containers.

But the default IE 7 mode doesn't recognize many of these settings resulting in a terrible render mode. 8888 (0x22B8) Webpages are displayed in IE8 Standards mode, regardless of the ! 8000 (0x1F40) Webpages containing standards-based ! This mode is kind of pointless since it's the default.

If you’re building an application that intends to use the Web Browser control for a live preview of some HTML this is clearly undesirable. Setting these keys enables your applications to use the latest Internet Explorer versions on your machine easily.

But there's a snag: The Web Browser Control is - by default - perpetually stuck in IE 7 rendering mode.

Even though we're now up to IE 11 and a reasonably HTML5 compatible browser, the Web Browser Control always uses the IE 7 rendering engine by default.

It's a shame they can't use the X-UA-Compatible header/meta-tag to determine the rendering engine.Full IE Browser: Web Browser Control in a WPF form: The the full Internet Explorer the page displays the HTML correctly – you see the rounded corners and shadow displayed.Obviously the latter rendering using the Web Browser control in a WPF application is a bit lacking.You can specify these keys in the registry at: The value specifies the IE version as follows: The value to set this key to is (taken from MSDN here) as decimal values: 11001 (0x2AF9) Internet Explorer 11. It took a lot of experimenting to get this right because it now has to work with both old and new versions of IE (testing is a lot of fun for this).

Webpages are displayed in IE11 Standards mode, regardless of the ! By specifying the version in the registry you tie an application to a specific version (although you still have to deal with downlevel support for older browser installs - yuk).HTML is easy to generate, generally re-usable, and easily extensible and distributable.



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