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Ahr is a river in Germany, a left tributary of the Rhine.Its source is at an elevation of approximately 470 metres (1,540 ft) above sea level in Blankenheim in the Eifel, in the cellar of a timber-frame house near the castle of Blankenheim.

Exhibitor applications are open as of Thursday 14 December.Erst im Januar 2016 hatten FJØRT ihr zweites Album "Kontakt" herausgebracht und sich mit dessen stürmisch-atmosphärischen Sound als neue Hoffnung für die deutsche Posthardcore-Szene empfohlen.


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    Pictured: Liz Carr with wife Jo Church, far left, and her mother Patricia'She warned Liz that there was somebody and said "Liz, you need to go across the road".'Liz could tell by the tone of her voice it was something serious.'A brave member of the public followed the attacker who was then arrested by the police, Mrs Carr revealed.

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    *A couple of years ago there was a hit hip-hop song that played on this.

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