Who is don diamont dating

During their time without Katie, Bill and Brooke bonded, flirted, and finally kissed when he supported her through Stephanie's death.Bill and Katie reunited when she beat her post-partum depression.The two fell in love and married, but Steffy set her sites on Bill in hopes of getting Forrester Creations back for her family.He succumbed to a few kisses with Steffy which endangered his marriage.Unfortunately, the reveal that he had sprung Deacon from jail to come between Hope and Liam in Italy, led to Katie going into premature labor.Bill coached her through the delivery and she nearly died on the table.He then struck up a flirtation with Katie after he helped her out upon finding her drunk in a bar.



Bill recently learned that Liam and Steffy are having a baby and was thrilled that a new generation of Spencers was on the way.She did, and when Bill tried to have sex with Katie later she refused.He got drunk and got behind the wheel of his car, but crashed when he swerved to avoid hitting Brooke.Bill then had to cope with her distrust of him after returning home with their new son, Will.

Katie went into a depression and took off, leaving Bill searching for her, and managing with the newborn with Brooke's help.

Bill faced Hope after his deception in Italy came out and since Caroline was responsible for telling Hope, they argued.



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