Updating to service pack 2 allaccessdating com

There is also a "hybrid" known as "Precompiled Web Sites" (see the link for the official MSDN overview) where you don't have the single DLL layout of a web application, but all the compile work of the website is done for you.

There are several "modes" to this depending on your needs.

Using the pre-compiled model is a little more "strict" in that is assumes certain files/signatures are in place.

Having an updated version of the DLL file causes a break since the precompilation wants a name and a version of the file.

If possible, your best bet would be to convert to a web application, since you can add the additional DLLs into production without a problem. [email protected] I have tried everything and I simply do not have a "Convert to Web Application" option.

However, when I tried this, my site blows up and gives a File Load Exception saying that the assembly manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. Updating the DLL in Visual Studio and re-deploying the entire site works just fine, but it is a huge pain in the rear.

What is the point of having a separate DLL if you have to re-deploy the entire site to implement any changes?Monthly rollups will be offered to users through Windows Update, WSUS, SCCM, and Windows Update Catalog.



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