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XIAO TIME July FALL OF THE BASTILLE ANG PRANSIYA AT ANG NASA larawan si Undersecretary for Field Operations ng Department of Agrarian Reform habang kinakapanayan ng mga media tungkol sa isasagawang aksyon ng .THE PHILIPPINES MATRIX PROJECT Interventions toward a national Muling nananawagan ang KWF para sa mga nais dumalo sa ikaapat na batch ng Sertipikong Programa sa Pambansang Pagsasanay sa Pagsasalin Batayang Antas .1000" Kim Joon-woo, "Daegu Miss Jokbal" Lee Go-woon, "Uijeongbu Engine Oil" Goo Soo-kyung, "Hapcheon Earthenware Pot" Park Min-seon, "Jeju Muscular Man" Song Jong-hoon, "Wangsimni Class Chief Oh" Oh Min-young Kim Won-jun's song: In the Dead of Night (모두 잠든 후에) Lee Jae-hoon's song: All for You"Incheon Mrs.Cop" Yoo Hye-ri, "Bongcheon-dong Climacteric" Kim Yoon-jeong, "Gumi Karaoke Room's CEO Jin" Jin Sang-hyo, "Yongin Leg Model" Seo Ji-hye, "Ansan Working Mom" Yang Ye-seul Song: Night After Night (밤이면 밤마다)"Yong In University's One Full Point Winner" Baek Seung-goo, "Gireum-dong Day Care Center's Teacher Ah-reum" Choi Ah-reum, "Mexico Music PD" Christina, "Ansan Han-u Bachelor" Sung Han-joon, "Kyung Hee University's Chicken Girl" Park Ja-young Song: U&I"Gwangmyeong Invincible Firefighter" Choi Kyung-hoon, "Bucheon 65-year-old Grandmother Eminem" Kim Hyun-sook, "Guro-dong Michael Jackson" Hwang Yong-yeon, "Busan Special Warrior Delivery" Bang Ji-hwan, "Gimpo Tomorrow Interpreter King" Lee Joo-hyun Song: Champion (챔피언)"Seongnam Market Security Guard" Nam Hyun-seop, "Songdo Implant" Jeon Sung-joon, "Bundang Little IU" Jo Yi-hyun, "Sanggye-dong Old Days' Naengmyeon" Jung Jae-ik, "Sindaebang Taekwondo Girl" Choi Han-hee Song: Good Day (좋은 날)"Incheon Wheat Beer" Shim Tae-hoon, "Busan Rock 'N' Roll Korean Medicine" Lee Gwang-ho, "Namyangju Kickboxing Beautiful Girl" Lee Yoon-woo, "Jinju Charisma Man" Bae Geun-tae, "Luxury Karaoke Box's CEO Jang" Jang Won-min Song: Never Ending Story"Marine Corps Baby Soldier" Jo Yeon-ho, "Cheomseongdae Piano Teacher" Cha Eun-kyung, "Gwangju's Good Twins" Shin Dae-woo & Shin Dae-geun, "Iksan Honey Melon" Baek Hyun-ji, "Busan Convenience Store Oppa" Moon Jong-min Song: Is It Still Beautiful (여전히 아름다운지) "Miari Charcoal Guy" Jung Sung-min, "Anyang Mamma Teacher" Wi Sung-hee, "Paju High's 2nd Grade's Emotional Leader" Jang Ye-jin, "Itaewon Bonjour Chef" Park Gil-joo, "Sillim-dong Scissors Hand" Choi Ha-na Song: I Have a Lover (애인...Through the singing application "every Sing", 5-10 runner ups from ordinary people were selected and from there, 3 contestants were selected and will appear in the show.The contestants later compete with each other in "1:3 Random Competition" (details below), where the singers would choose one of the 3 contestants to be his/her "Fantastic Duo".To ensure for the contestants to earn the royalty, the broadcasting company, SBS, will register the contestants to the Federation of Korean Music Performers, where they will automatically given the privilege of a singer.The winning duo will earn ,000 (Ten thousand dollars) for every win, with a maximum of five wins.



In each episode, 3-4 Korean singers will compete each other in order to find and be the "Fantastic Duo".The contestants will enter the 1:5 Match, where the singer will choose 3 out of 5 contestants.The contestants who doesn't get chosen from the singer will be eliminated.In every episode, there would be a group of panelists that act as co-hosts, judges and commentators which could help the singer to choose his/her duo.

In season 2, the rules have been modified so now it features 2 (or 3) singers, each with their own panelists and sub-MC's in a team-styled match.

Through the application "Every Sing", 6 candidates will be chosen and from there, 3 contestants will appear in the show (for each singer).


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