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If you are paying by credit/debit card, please include the last four digits of the card number to help us speed up the process.If you paid through Paypal, make sure you have your receipts available.Sometimes, just refreshing the page or restarting your computer can fix an intermittent problem, but if the problem is persistent, you may have an old or corrupt installation of the Flash Player, which requires a complete reinstallation to fix. Then make sure that your browser is updated and reinstall the latest version of the Flash Player.Browser add-ons and ad blockers can sometimes interfere with games loading up.If you’re on a Windows PC, you can take a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen key.The label for this key is often abbreviated as "prt scr" or something similar, and the key should be located on the upper right area of your keyboard, to the right of the F-keys.If they signed up from the same network though, they just need to reach account level 2 before the points are awarded.To check your referrals go to your profile and click on “manage my referrals” below your “about me”.

This will save an image of your screen to a file on your desktop.We automatically read the width and height of the game from the headers in the SWF.


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