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FUNBOX presents UNDERWATER ADVENTURE Anchors away with Anya, Gary and Kevin (formerly the stars of The Singing Kettle) for their all new show for 2017 - UNDERWATER ADVENTURE where they voyage beneath the waves to the bottom of the ocean.There’s somefin fishy going on in their latest singalong tail - the FUNBOX is locked and the gang will have to cause a splash because their magical keys are all tucked up in the sea bed. Fluffy and Flossie the Funsters will be diving in to lend a hand and of course everyone’s favourite salty sea dog; Bonzo will be joining the aquatic action - but has he packed his trunks, snorkel and rubber ring?Please send us information that will allow us to verify who you are, such as your ID and name, as well as monthly site statistics or any other relevant information.We also ask you to verify that you fulfill the following conditions: Delivery takes approximately two to three weeks from the order date.We are currently investigating whether deliveries could be tracked all the way until they reach you at home.


Officile licentiehouder van de Stichting Gay Amsterdam, Amsterdam NL. Packed with familiar favourites like 'Swimming In The Swimming Pool’, 'The World Must Be Coming To An End' and 'Hole At The Bottom Of The Sea' as well as brand new songs, UNDERWATER ADVENTURE is the perfect swimalong singalong treat for kids of all ages - from nought to ninety!Dress up for the sea and join in the fun - dress as a mermaid or come as a fish - you’ll have a whale of a time. “A refreshing show with something for everyone” - The Orcadian “…it’s the best family show we’ve seen.To change your delivery address, click on “My Account,” then click on the “Change Address” button of the relevant subscription and change your details.

However, please note that when changing your delivery address, the country cannot be changed.

However, it all depends on the delivery companies of each country so there may be slight variations from our estimated delivery date.


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