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The extra ornamental detailing probably indicated a higher priced dwelling than normal.Bury still voted Conservative, this time electing the very well known brewer, now Sir E Walter Greene, Bt, who lived his life as a wealthy sporting country gentleman.The White Lion on the corner of Short Brackland was removed to make way for the Cornhill Walk shopping development. This very long established inn stood on the Cornhill at the top of St Johns Street.Like the White Lion nearby it was not a coaching inn, but was a major Carrier's House because it was next to the Great Market.In Bury St Edmunds it was decided to celebrate the occasion along with the Queen's birthday on 24th May, and the Mayor had to quickly get arrangements made for a School holiday and a half day shop and business closure.Bury was home to about 16,000 people, and building continued to be needed to house them. A good builder might make £10 profit on a house sold for £100. Houses were largely built in pairs, or small terraces, like the pair of grandly named "villas" illustrated here in Hospital Road.Water mills along the river were finding it hard to compete with newer steam driven roller mills.Bury Market on Wednesday and Saturday were important days for country folk to come to town to sell or buy produce.


The generating station, and two cottages to house its key operatives, were located on the Playfields, off Prospect Row.

Two Lancashire Boilers were installed driving two 60 kilowatt dynamoes.


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    Le Bombay est une race hybride à poil court créée aux États-Unis en 1958 par croisement entre l'American Shorthair et le Burmese brun.

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    Notes: Dating women from the internet has it's advantages.

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