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It could be incomplete or not up to date, potentially obscuring an accurate picture of the car’s history.

Check Recall Data – Loads of information for a perspective buyer here too.

While the car is up in the air, check and see if any bonding material is a different color, indicating a repair.

Check the Auto Fax, Car Fax or Research Insurance Claim History – The C6 Corvette is a late model car and not excluded from data services like Car Fax.

So with that in mind, here’s Corvette Online’s cheat sheet when shopping for a C6 Corvette Check for Accident Damage – C6s retained the C5’s drivable chassis with non-structural SMC panels bonded to a underlying structure.

It’s not like earlier Corvettes where the body simply bolted to a ladder steel frame.

Don’t let the fact that a door has been replaced put you off buying the car.

If it was repaired correctly and with good workmanship, it should be a deal breaker.


If you kept your right foot out of it, you could easily get 16/26 mpg.Many of the styling tweaks (exposed headlights, single intake grill) were met with resistance by loyal fans but were valuable lessons learned from the successful Corvette Racing program.


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