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In Europe, hemp is used in household cleaners as a natural alternative to harsher chemicals.

Hemp is a renewable resource which grows more quickly and easily than trees making hemp more cost effective than waiting decades for trees to grow to be used in man-made fiber production such as lyocell and rayon from wood pulps.


The Gutenberg bible (15th century), Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland (19th century) and just about everything in between was printed on hemp paper.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the early drafts of the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper produced in Holland. George Washington also grew hemp, harvesting the fibrous seed for a variety of commercial uses including a skin lotion.



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    Er ist ein flotter Tnzer, reist gerne & entspannt in der Therme!

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    We do everything from finding eligible bachelors to setting up a coffee or dinner date. Conventional methods don't seem to work for LTR-seekers in this app age and being the casual and hookup scene is so prevalent in our community - Gayquation was born!

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    If you believe sitcoms, sex is the topic most parents want to avoid talking about with their kids.

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    En op Instagram verschijnen 10 foto’s per seconde, Dat is 36.000 foto’s per uur! We maken zo ontzettend veel en online is het heel makkelijk om werken van elkaar te delen. Dat komt omdat je offline wel een een plaatje van iemand mag gebruiken voor een persoonlijk knipselkrantje.

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