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Egypt Air said 30 Egyptians, 15 French passengers, two Iraqis, and one passenger from Britain, Sudan, Chad, Portugal, Algeria, Canada, Belgium, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were on board.The Interstate Aviation Committee said the crash of the Yak-42 plane occurred because one of the two pilots accidentally activated the brakes and then yanked a control wheel to his chest, pulling the plane up too sharply in a desperate attempt to take off.The first message, sent at 2.26am Cairo time, read: “ANTI ICE R WINDOW”, indicating a problem with the heater for the co-pilot’s window.Six more messages followed in the next three minutes – two over window sensors and two mentioning smoke.The final two messages, sent within seconds of each other at 2.29am, read “AUTO FLT FCU 2 FAULT” and “F/CTL SEC 3 FAULT”, indicating problems with the autopilot and the flight control system respectively.Four minutes later, the aircraft’s transponder made its last broadcast, relaying details of the aircraft and its location before it crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on 19 May, killing all 66 people on board.Industry experts say when Russian crews abort takeoffs, make second runs or divert their planes to other airports they can risk losing their bonuses or face other sanctions as carriers focus on cutting costs.


As one of two black boxes recovered from the wreckage, the recorder contains detailed technical information on the flight including its altitude and engine information.

A final report is yet to be published but the AAIB have made seven safety recommendations in the bulletin which look at the safety of ejection seats and the maintenance of ex-military aircraft.


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